Which elements make it interesting to visit the harbour of IJmuiden?

Whether it concerns the development, breaking off, maintenance or repair of ships, the harbour of IJmuiden is able to help you with everything you need: from bunker fuels and tug boats to specialists in underwater works and industrial examinations and inspections. And of course all services in between. Maritime service providers from all sorts of companies are at your service. This illustrates that we truly are the one-stop-shop we declare to be.

The provisioning of ships

Multiple tender services are active with regard to provisioning the maritime and offshore industry. Services include the dropping off or picking up of crew members, as well as the delivery of supplies, cleaning products, spare parts and nautical equipment. The suppliers are available 24/7 and they can take of everything you might need aboard a ship.

Marine equipment

From time to time, ships that enter and subsequently leave the harbour need some new parts and materials. The members of IJPOS are able to provide a ship with all the parts, nets, steel wires, ropes, paint, lubricants, and safety clothing necessary.