Processing and transport of freshly caught fish

Besides the storage and distribution of deep-frozen fish, it is also possible to process, package, and sell fresh fish in the harbour of IJmuiden. Seafood wholesaler Interfish is active in this area and provides other wholesalers and supermarkets in Europe with fresh fish from the North Sea, scallops, and other exotic seafood. Moreover, Cornelis Vrolijk operates in the processing of packaged fish products such as herring, mackerel, and baked fish via Seafood Parlevliet B.V. and is also able to provide daily fresh North Sea shrimp via Kegge.

Europe’s largest seaport for deep-frozen fish

IJmuiden is capable of positioning itself as Europe’s largest seaport for deep-frozen fish because of the activities of all companies. This title is an ambition known as Deep sea Intercontinental Frozen fish centre of Europe (DIFE) and is supported by the Dutch government.