Municipality of Velsen

What can entrepreneurs expect from the Ondermersloket?

Entrepreneurs can go to the Ondernemersloket for general information concerning legislation, policy, and procedures. Moreover, the Ondernemersloket provides information about requests that are in procedure in terms of their development. The Ondernemersloket has a facilitating role. When you have a concrete request, they will make sure you are guided towards the right department.

5 ways to get into contact with the Ondernemersloket


Fill out the contact form that you can open via: contact form online (

Contact the Client Contact Centre via telephone number: 0255 – 567 200 or 140 255
0255 – 567 200 of 140 255

You are more than welcome at the desk of the Client Contact Centre located within town-hall.

Send your question or request to:
Municipality of Velsen
Postbox 465
1970 AL IJmuiden

By appointment
If you cannot find an answer to your question using the information provided on the website, you can make an appointment with a professional from the Ondernemersloket.