One-stop-shop in IJmuiden

IJmuiden Port Services (IJPOS) consists of a group of service companies in the (open) port area of IJmuiden and the ports of Velsen-Noord and Beverwijk (de Pijp). The seaport of IJmuiden is one of the largest ports directly on the North Sea. It also acts as the gateway to the North Sea Canal towards Amsterdam.

IJmuiden, Velsen-Noord en Beverwijk are also close to Schiphol, the international airport. All members of IJPOS are located adjacent to each other and together offer a one-stop-shop for the shipping industry, fishery, offshore (energy) industry, and wind farms: from hydraulic systems to fishery and towing services, from waste processing to executing underwater works, and from steel construction to electric and electronic installations.

Non-technical services, such as surveys and the delivery of hydrographical and navigation equipment, are offered as well. The IJPOS-companies can provide you with all services in the fishing, offshore, and maritime industry. Take a look on this website and click through to the service you need.

New sea lock in IJmuiden

In 2016, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment has started the construction of a new, larger sea lock at the entrance of the North Sea Canal. The current lock has become too small for the ever-growing size of ships. The members of IJPOS bundle their strengths in order to be of value as a local party in the preparation, realisation, as well as the maintenance phase.